Homebrewing Competition: Spring 2018

The third Oxford Brewers Homebrewing Competition took place on March 21st 2018.  The mandatory style was Trappist Single (see official guidelines).  A total of 5 brewers were taking part, while about 14 judges used their best abilities to pick the rightful brewmaster, this time John Snelson.  He generously provided the winning recipe. We extend our…Continue reading Homebrewing Competition: Spring 2018

Homebrewing Competitions

The Oxford Brewers have been holding a termly homebrewing competition since Summer 2017. The next contest will take place on March 20th 2019 and contestants should brew a Rye IPA.  See also our rules. Previous competitions: Fall 2018, Dark Mild.  Brewmaster: Ed Williamson. Summer 2018, Weißbier.  Brewmaster: Giles Strother. Spring 2018, Trappist Single.  Brewmaster: John Snelson. Fall 2017,…Continue reading Homebrewing Competitions

Homebrewing Competition: Rules

The following are the rules under which the Oxford Brewers Homebrewing Competitions take place. ENTERING: Everyone is free to enter. Only one entry per person. Any brewing technique is allowed. Please bring 2L of your brew on competition day. Although strongly encouraged, you do not have to be present on that day if you can…Continue reading Homebrewing Competition: Rules

Homebrewing Competition: Fall 2017

The second Oxford Brewers Homebrewing Competition took place on October 18th 2017, and focused on English Porters (see the official guidelines).  A total of 11 brewers offered their poisons to a panel of judges.  The winner was Tom Rhodes with his Really Oughtta Porter, for which he generously provided the recipe.  Major props! We naturally thank the Chequers, on…Continue reading Homebrewing Competition: Fall 2017

Homebrewing Competition: Summer 2017

The very first Homebrewing Competition of the Oxford Brewers took place on June 21st 2017.  The mandatory style was Session-strength American Pale Ale (see the official guidelines).  The winner of that first edition was Giles Strother, and he very kindly agreed to share his recipe.  Congratulations to him! We naturally thank the Chequers, on High street, for…Continue reading Homebrewing Competition: Summer 2017

Compass Brewery Competition

The Compass Brewery are running a home brewing competition! Mattias Sjöberg, a member of the group and owner and founder of the Compass Brewery brewing roots started in home brewing, back in his native Sweden. After coming to the UK he studied brewing at the Herriot Watt and his brewing career took him to companies like…Continue reading Compass Brewery Competition