XT Brewery Tour – 9th March 2013

Russ Taylor and Maria Woolverton hosted our group for as visit to the XT Brewery.

Russ Taylor is a member of the group, and as plans were being formulated to create the XT brewery he was a regular attendee to our monthly meetings, but the pressure and sheer amount of work has kept him away of late.

Gareth Xifaras and Russ Taylor brewed their first beer as XT brewery in November 2011, and at the time of our visit their business is still growing, with the last February being their busiest month yet.

When setting up the business the guys looked at buying second hand brewing kit, but by the time it was installed it would be as expensive as new, so they chose to get the equipment they wanted to suit their plans. Currently with 3 fermenters, and awaiting the delivery of more to expand their brewing capacity (the fermenters are the limiting factor in the process)

XT took the decision to not give beers a name, instead use numbers and colour to differentiate their beers, and this has worked out very well, being received well by landlords and drinkers alike. 1 through to 9 covers their core range with numbers outside of this being used for their seasonal beers.

Russ and Maria were very generous hosts and our thanks goes to them.

Here are a few pictures from the visit

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