LAM Brewery Tour – 19th November 2016

Kurt Moxley hosted the Oxford Brewers for as visit to the recently opened LAM Brewery. Most of our members will remember Kurt from his visit to the group on our October meeting. He was the first member to take beers for group sampling with him that was stored in a can.
LAM Brewing opened their 10bbl brewery in Kennington (Sandford Lane Industrial Estate) this September. The brewery has a strong focus on modern beers, and has therefore chosen to only sell their beers in 330ml cans and on draft in 30 litre kegs.
While we were waiting for the group to gather we could already sample some beer. A small bar with 2 keg lines, some fridges filled with cans and a whole lot of merchandise was finalised by the team earlier this week. We were among the first guest that were able to sample some beers at this bar. Visitors can buy beer and merchandise directly from the brewery and perhaps stick around for a quick sample of the beers.


When everyone had arrived we could start our tour through the brewery. Kurt told the group about his journey from being a home brewer to being the owner of own brand new craft brewery. He spoke about his chimp based branding, selling his home brewed beer on markets, and how the planning and realisation of the brewery came about. Next was a tour to look at the shiny new equipment.


Kurt took the group through all the equipment and told us stories about how he was slowly getting to master the equipment in his first few months brewing. This made the journey that LAM is making resonate well with our group of home brewers. After the group had a good look and was able to ask questions we made our way back to the bar.


At this moment LAM Brewing is selling two different beers. Happily NYK and Rye Not?. An American India Pale Ale and a slightly stronger Rye India Pale Ale. One of the fermenter tanks had a very interesting sounding wheat beer in it, which hopefully we will learn more about in the next few weeks. As a starting brewery we imagine that their selection of beers will expand a bit still. For an overview of their beers, or where to get them visit the LAM Brewing website.

After some beers and buying some cans to take home, the group said goodbye. Kurt has been a great host and we would like to thank him once more.

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