Taste & Swap Day 2012

The Oxford Brewers Group’s Annual taste and swap event was held on the 16th June, at the now customary Marston Scout Hut Hall. This year’s speaker was Mattias Sjoberg, group member and founder / owner of the Compass Brewery. Mattias told us all about the journey of setting up his brewery and his beers. Mattias took…Continue reading Taste & Swap Day 2012

Taste & Swap 2008

The 2008 Taste & Swap meeting took place at the Marston Scout hut in central Oxford. Jeff Rosenmeier gave a talk about moving from being a home brewer to becoming a professional brewer, and all that was involved in this fair sized undertaking. Will brought along some sour dough bread made from some soured beer…Continue reading Taste & Swap 2008

Collaborative Brew

The Oxford Brewers decided that for our taste and swap meeting in July 2011, instead of a comparison brew (where we all bring along the same beer with one agreed variation, e.g. yeast, fermentation routine, etc.) we would all come together to create a beer together. We discussed the various beers we could make, settled…Continue reading Collaborative Brew

Taste & Swap 2011

The Oxford Brewers got together once again at the Marston Scout Hut in central Oxford for their annual Taste and Swap meeting. This year’s meeting was a little low on numbers for one reason or another, but even with a lower than usual turn out we still had an excellent day. Rob Neale, The Malt…Continue reading Taste & Swap 2011

Hook Norton Brewery Tour 2010

The Oxford Brewers Group took advantage of a rare opportunity for a weekend tour of the Hook Norton Brewery in the sleepy village of the same name. The tour was a little disappointing in so much as we had a tour guide who was reciting a script parrot fashion and didn’t know or understand brewing,…Continue reading Hook Norton Brewery Tour 2010

Taste & Swap 2007

The very first Oxford Brewers Taste and Swap day was held at the Kennington Village Hall just outside Oxford, heading towards Abingdon. Stonhelm, a local homebrew supply company came along and gave a brief talk and had a stall displaying some of their products. We also had a talk and a tutored tasting session lead…Continue reading Taste & Swap 2007