Collaborative Brew

The Oxford Brewers decided that for our taste and swap meeting in July 2011, instead of a comparison brew (where we all bring along the same beer with one agreed variation, e.g. yeast, fermentation routine, etc.) we would all come together to create a beer together.

We discussed the various beers we could make, settled on a style and then formulated a recipe and honed this recipe through discussion amongst the group.

Rob Neale, The Malt Miller, a member of the group supplied all the ingredients for the day from our recipe.

We came together at Lovibonds Brewery in Henley on Thames to brew the beer. Jeff Rosenmeier the owner and chief zymergist turned over his brewery and their equipment and made us all very welcome.

After a good day we left the beer in Jeff”s capable hands to ferment and condition, returning a few weeks later to bottle the beer and distribute amongst the group.

Pictures from the days are below.

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