Taste & Swap 2012

Get ready for the 2012 Taste & Swap event!

The venue will be the Marston Scout Hut hall on the Marston Road in Oxford

The event will take place on the weekend of the 16th – 17th June (actual day to be confirmed)

Hopefully we will have some of the XT Brewing Jubilee Beer that the group has had a hand in devising the recipe for as part of our collaborative brew to taste.

Bring along some of your beer that you would like to either taste on the day for feedback, or take part in a bottle swap. Bring a bottle, take a bottle is the basic plan.

There is also be a kit brewing challenge. Are you a kit brewer who thinks that kits get overlooked? Are you a full mash brewer that hasn’t revisited kits in many years.¬†Brewing with kits will be uncharted territory for some of us, but for the others it represents the opportunity to put that ‘brewniversity’ knowledge of styles, character malts, hops, water treatment, and yeast strains to the test with the kits you started out with.

Whilst it is absolutely fine to brew a kit as-is, without any modification, please remember the theme is ‘Better Beer’ and use all-malt kits, or supplement kits that require sugar with liquid extract if possible.

There will also be an opportunity to swap ingredients or home brewing equipment. If you have some malt or hops that you would like to possibly swap and try something different bring them along. Same goes for any unused or unwanted home brewing equipment.

Keep an eye on the website for more details!

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