UK Craft / Home Brewing Survey

Following the recent publication of the minutes and explanation document by the Way Ahead Group of the Craft Brewing Association (CBA), we have now finished preparing a questionnaire to gather opinions on various issues such as future structure and priorities.  This is an online questionnaire that will be used to find out the feelings of as many brewers as possible in the UK – we are trying to canvass as widely as possible so the questionnaire is open to ALL, whether a current CBA member or not. This is because we feel it is just as important to look at making the organisation more atttractive to new and former members as it is as to improve it for current members.

Please would you circulate the link to this questionnaire to the members of your respective local groups, to help us collect opinions from as many people as we can.  We will also request that this is passed on to CBA members who are not reachable via the local groups, and will be making the link available via the online forums, in order to get the views of the widest possible cross-section of home brewers.  It should only take ten minutes or so to complete and every response will be greatly appreciated.

The link is:

Many thanks in anticipation of your support,

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